"Peptide Solutions"

COSMIX is a privately held biotech company, originally founded in 1997 as a spin-off of the GBF (Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung) by Prof. Dr. John Collins. Based on its proprietary technologies, COSMIX develops highly specific binding peptides for the life sciences industry. COSMIX consists of COSMIX molecular biologicals GmbH (Germany), COSMIX Therapeutics LLC (USA), and COSMIX Verwaltungs GmbH (Germany). - Peptide Solutions.

Products and Services

COSMIX offers access to its proprietary technologies for the identification or improvement of peptides for a wide range of applications. Products and services are focused on:

• Development of D-Peptide Drugs
• Licensing opportunities for affinity ligands for bioprocessing
• Collaborations and partnerships


COSMIX uses mRNA display technology, which is an in-vitro / molecular evolution technology for generating and identifying new peptides with tailored functions - specific, functional, with high affinity. The in vitro process initially creates vast numbers of peptide molecules. Then, improvements of known peptide function are directed by evolutionary pressure and repeated rounds of selection cycles. The revolutionary process involves modifying the RNA molecule used for the production of peptide by in vitro translation in a way that it chemically binds to the synthesized peptide.

For its drug development business COSMIX combines two strong, proprietary technologies: mRNA-display and chemical protein synthesis (CPS) for D-Peptide therapeutics called HALs (High Affinity Ligands). COSMIX believes that its D-peptide technology, producing HALs that are D-stereoisomers rather than the natural L-form, has the potential to overcome both, the shortcomings of peptide drugs of the past and the problems facing antibody-based therapeutics. It is a leading technology for the next generation of therapeutics.

COSMIX is a development stage biotechnology company that is using proprietary technologies to develop a range of biotherapeutic agents as well as highly specific binding peptides for use in the diagnostic, imaging and biopurifications industries. The Company uses innovative mRNA Display Technology to generate highly selective affinity ligands as reagents for its partners in the life science industry. Its bioprocessing products enable an improved efficiency of current bioprocessing procedures. In addition, the Company is developing novel biotherapeutics that offer the ability to be more cost effective, safer and less toxic. COSMIX intends to utilize its proprietary approaches to build its own proprietary drug pipeline.